Unit Conversion Guide

There are two popular systems that are used to measure dimensions and weights. The Metric System of Measurement, which uses metres, centimetres and kilograms, is widely adopted by most countries. The Imperial System of Measurement, which uses feet, inches and pounds, is commonly used in the United States.

Here, we present the conversion types that are commonly??used??in our operations.



To ConvertMultiply By
inches to centimetres2.54
centimetres to inches0.39
inches to millimetres25.40
millimetres to inches0.04
feet to metres0.31
metres to feet3.28
yards to metres0.91
metres to yards1.09
miles to kilometres1.61
kilometres to miles0.62


To ConvertMultiply By
square inches to square centimetres6.54
square centimetres to square inches0.15
square feet to square metres0.09
square metres to square feet10.76
square yards to square metres0.84
square metres to square yards1.20
square miles to square kilometres2.59
square kilometres to square miles0.39
acres to hectares0.40
hectares to acres2.47


To ConvertMultiply By
cubic inches to cubic centimetres16.39
cubic centimetres to cubic inches0.06
cubic feet to cubic metres0.03
cubic metres to cubic feet35.32
cubic yards to cubic metres0.76
cubic metres to cubic yards1.31
cubic inches to litres0.02